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Why Health Mentoring?

We're all work in progress. Whether you're at the beginning of your journey, somewhere along the way, if you have a quest or a hunkering going on, if you're not quite satisfied with what you're doing... or if you're downright petrified of the next step - you're not alone. We all have stuff that holds us back.

I'd like to offer you a helping hand.

I've been there, done it, got the mug and overwashed the T-shirt. I have the degrees, the articles, the testimonials, and some gray hair to show for it! And I really, really enjoy offering what my students, patients and friends call "mentor-hip" - all that's helped me and my many clients become more balanced, more successful, more grounded, better listeners, gentler friends, more in tune with their ecology.


Join me - I'd be delighted and honoured to help you discover who you really are and what amazing potential you have!

Zoom health mentoring coaching session
Personal and Family Health Mentoring Consults
Fermentation Specialist
Fermentation workshops
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