Fermenting Success

Fermentation Specialist

Every one of us has patterns and behaviours that hold us back. Having worked in medicine, academia and business, for many years, I daily dealt with such barriers both in myself and in those I came into contact and worked with.

It's one of those things... you stumble onto something almost by design (especially when you think it's accidental). And it opens a whole new world of possibilities.

To my delighted wonder I discovered that the art of fermentation breaks down barriers to progress across every culture, aspect of life and business: from bubbling ideas to good gut and brain health, fermentation is the way to success.

That's why I created Bubbling Life; to help you let go of those behaviours that hold you back. Through expert advice and proactive coaching, you’ll soon be excelling in a way you never thought possible.

I invite you to find out the glory that is fermentation: be it the next wonderful idea for your business or your plate.

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You may wonder what does any of this have to do with supporting people's health concerns or mentoring entrepreneurs - or as one of my mentees calls "mentor-hip". Well, the long years of my journey through conventional western medicine, education, business, lecturing, supporting students, health practitioners and business executives, treating people's health concerns, running workshops and being the editor of health articles and books, I found that people are more receptive to training and progress if they have a happy tum. And a happy tum is the result of a whole load of different things, from the quality of food and drink to the amount of stress you're in, to how you sleep at night...

And I discovered that if I wanted to really, really help people, what I needed to do was to show them how to make bubbles and fizz.

So why not jump right in and see how you can create a Bubbling Life for yourself?

About Me

If you’d like to find out more about me read on.

I come from a long line of Greek medicine women – and turned my back to these traditions to study modern medicine. It was so very different from my great grandmaman’s ‘outdated’ herbal wisdom. After all, penicillin and systematic inoculations were still fairly new when I was growing up... and it seemed that this modern medicine had all the answers to the world’s ills. Only I eventually discovered that, for me, it didn’t.

After many health quests and meanderings, I came full circle to my great grandmothers’ herbal, homeopathic, natural and food medicine treasures. This is where Bubbling Life comes in: a bubbling, rising understanding of the effervescence of life, of old knowledge which never grows old, of nourishing, enduring, viable, proven traditions needed now more than ever before to sustain us and ground us as we reach forward to reclaim a better, purer, kinder future. I have now over 30 years' experience in complementary health, lecturing and education. As a practising naturopath, author and researcher, I specialise in gastrointestinal and behavioural health and have helped over 20,000 clients, students, practitioners and business people.


We need to see ourselves as a whole and approach our health choices in a multi-disciplinary way. We also need to become aware of how we support and are supported by our family and our local community.


I follow this philosophy in my daily practice which aims to educate people how to reclaim their good gut habits: emergent research points to the fact that the bacteria in our gut massively influence our mental ability, moods, behaviour and resistance to illness.

Cheap food is expensive food. It offers no value for money and is one of the main contributors to ill health, obesity and behavioural issues.

Charity Work

I have the unique privilege of supporting some very worthy local farm causes: having raised significant funds for the building of a straw-bale eco house on Tablehurst Farm and the Young Farmer Apprentice Scheme at Plaw Hatch Farm.


These farm projects deserve all our support, because good quality food, sustainably and honestly produced with respect for the animals, plants and Mother Nature is not easy to find. Our biodynamic farmers need continuous help and by booking one of my fermentation workshops you can do that, whilst learning wonderful skills to improve your health and wellbeing.


All proceeds from the workshops I ran in the last 3 years have gone towards the above causes. With the enthusiastic help of my workshop attendees, which included international celebrities, I raised over £20,000. Local architects, builders and other professionals also donated their skills and expertise towards the building of the farm housing.

The Young Farmer Apprentice Scheme, run from Plaw Hatch Farm, supports young farmera through their studies and training at Plaw Hatch.

I am both delighted and privileged to have been part of these amazing initiatives.

I am now fundraising for the out-of-plastic drive at Plaw Hatch Farm.

Keep in touch for more information and how you can contribute to my fundraising work.

Why Biodyamic Farming?

I feel strongly about my charity work and involvement in Tablehurst and Plaw Hatch Farms: I have been the Newsletter Editor and Secretary of the Cooperative who owns the farms. This has deepened my understanding of what it takes to produce health-promoting food that is bursting with life, kind to the environment, and kind to our farmers and our local communities.


Working with this type of vital food and showing people how to get the best out of it is such an enormous pleasure.


Fermented foods have made a huge difference to my family's and my patients' health and I am a massive fan of the wonderful critters residing in our gut; they shape our personalities and our lives and we need to learn how to safeguard and promote their wellbeing.


I use naturopathic approaches in my practice along with teaching people how to enrich their diet with fermented foods. I have a line of fermented foods that can be found in local organic farm shops. My popular workshops see the attendance of international celebrities and proceeds go to support the infrastructure and education on the local biodynamic farms.


I coach private clients and business people in the art of discovering their real “gut feeling” – their true compass for success.

We can't achieve something as profound as this with pre-packaged, processed food. We need the vitality of local, fresh, seasonal produce.


I live this reality daily and I invite you to discover it for yourself.

Some of the things I love...


My biggest passion is to spread knowledge and skills. To paraphrase John Paul Getty Jr., "Knowledge is like manure. It's most effective when it's spread around widely."


With a background in western medicine, education, marketing, editorship, article writing, scientific research and natural therapies, I have at my disposal a very broad and varied skill-set. Being multi-lingual and multi-cultural, I am uniquely placed to assist both new and established practitioners who find themselves in need of support, guidance and inspiration.

I am a GAPS™ qualified Practitioner, having trained with Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride in her renowned gut rehabilitation programme. GAPS™ is well placed to address a variety of concerns and gut-brain health problems associated with intestinal health and microbe balance.

Biodynamic agriculture is truly our future. It can reverse the damage done to the land by intensive farming and spraying of toxic chemicals. It is elegant, respects Mother Nature and promotes resilience, independence and diversity. I am one of the Directors and shareholders of the Community Cooperative which owns Tablehurst and Plaw Hatch Biodynamic Farms. 

Weston A Price was as much a pioneer of health as his contemporary, Rudolph Steiner, the father of Biodynamics, was. His understanding of how appropriate nutrition affects dental and general health was and still is revolutionary and unsurpassed.