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Do you need help figuring it out?

How do you feed a family on a budget? But not only feed your family but actually NOURISH them, keep them healthy, even improve their physical health and resilience? How do you heal from illness or recover from a sports injury? How do you feed the ill, the elderly, the very young? How about studying for exams or having extra pressure at work?


And what's the best way to go? Is it paleo? Is it vegetarian? Is it low-this, high-that, free-from-everything (usually free from any taste and nutrients)?

Hippocrates was on to something when he said "Let food be thy medicine"...

And this is what we do at Bubbling Life: we love bringing healthy, affordable, novel and traditional time-tested ideas to your life and your table.

From tasty legumes to healthy fizzy drinks and nourishing broths, you will discover something here. We do regular workshops, talks and presentations on fermentation and food preservation, cooking and good, sound, no-nonsense, home nutrition.

And if you're stuck for inspiration, we can organise to come to your house and whip up a culinary storm to end all boredom!

Get in touch and find out what Bubbling Life can do for your life...

Workshop: making nourishing GAPS Bone Broth
Private one-to-one fermentation coaching

How about you book a fermentation workshop as a novel alternative birthday treat? Getting together with friends and making some bubbles is a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon - there will be fizz, of course, and we promise you will still be able to drive home afterwards!

Gut friendly birthday treats

What you say:


Fabulous! Hemsley & Hemsley move over, Bubbling Life is here!

EN, Oxford


I never thought sauerkraut could be sooo sexy!

MF, London


DMCH, Tunbridge Wells

You thought Paleo was cool? Wait till you experience Bubbling Life's take on food and drink!

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