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KefirKo is a specifically designed glass jar for making milk or water kefir at home easily and simply. It is also ideal for growing sprouted pulses.


KEFIRKO - THE WORLD'S EASIEST HOME KEFIR MAKING SYSTEM - Includes a unique 0.6 litre concave glass jar, strainer lid, secure cover lid, citrus juicer attachment, swizzle stick, user guide and recipe booklet.


The Kefirko has been specifically designed to make home kefir making as simple as possible. Simply add kefir grains and your liquid of choice (milk or sugar water). The Kefiko also does double duty as a sprouter!

Kefirko the Original and Only Kefir-making Jars -white only on sale

£24.99 Regular Price
£22.49Sale Price
  • Great Features:


    The unique strainer lid includes two sizes of slots (wider for milk kefir, and smaller for water kefir) and makes separating the kefir grains and pouring your finished kefir fast and easy. Once strained, simply add more liquid to the Kefirko jar to begin your next batch.


    The secure cover screws into the strainer lid and enables the airflow needed in kefir-making; it also helps prevent impurities from entering your ferment. A measuring cup for the kefir grains is integrated in the top cover. The included citrus juicer attachment turns your Kefirko into an excellent citrus juicer.


    The concave form of the glass jar provides comfortable handling and includes raised measurements on the outside of the jar to indicate one or two servings (two servings: 0.6 L / 20 oz.).



    The top lid of the KEFIRKO jar enables the airflow needed in kefir-making, and helps to prevent impurities from entering the jar. A measuring cup for the kefir grains is integrated in the top lid. The top lid can also be used as a coaster to keep your kitchen tidy.



    Integrated in the strainer lid is a sieve designed with having in mind the thickness of kefir and the size of grains. The sieve has two pouring areas: one for milk kefir (larger strainer slots) and another for water kefir (smaller strainer slots). This makes the separation of the grains from the kefir very simple – by just pouring the kefir out. Pouring of the kefir into a glass is made easier thanks to a special shape of the outer rim.



    The concave form of the glass jar provides for comfortable handling. The tactile markings on the outside of the jar indicate the levels for the preparation of kefir for one or two servings (two servings: 0.6 L / 20 oz.).



    The squeezer included enables you to squeeze juice directly into your water kefir.



    This practical utensil will come in handy for adding the grains and stirring the kefir.