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Simple at home saliva swab.


  • Simple at home saliva swab.
  • Register your kit online
  • Pre paid return postage to the Lab
  • Lab genetic analysis (3 weeks)
  • 23 page health report & nutrition / lifestyle guide


Accredited laboratory genetic analysis, reporting on 29 key SNPs

Expert results guidance and nutrition / lifestyle guide to help the implementation of the results.


DNA Map Genetic Test - YourGutMap

  • Description

    Your Genetics  play a crucial role in your health.

    Your genes do not have to be your destiny. Understanding your genetic predispositions can give you the vital tools to understand and manage your health. There is a two-way interaction between your DNA and your lifestyle.

    DNAMap explores your personal genetic profile within the context of 8 elements of health and wellbeing: digestion, metabolism, stress, immunity, nutrients, stimulants, exercise and sleep.

    Your Test a simple at home saliva swab is sent to our Lab for analysis. Through complex genetic analysis,, YourGutMap identifies your genes.

    Your Health Report provides detailed insights into which aspects of your genetic makeup can affect your health, unlocking key health insights from 29 SNPs (genetic variations).

    Your Nutrition & Lifestyle guide provides guidance on how to manage your diet and lifestyle in accordance with your genetic makeup, from basic insights such as how well you can tolerate caffeine, all the way through to how your genes are suited to digestion, micronutrients, exercise and many more.

    Free shipping of your test kit.

    Free shipping of your sample to the lab.

    Secure log in to view and download results.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How long will it take for my order to arrive?

    All products are shipped within 1 working day, Royal Mail 1st Class.

    Are the tests reliable?

    Yes, samples are analysed in an ISO 17025 certified laboratory using gold standard genetic technology.

    Is taking the sample difficult?

    Your test kit includes detailed instructions, and everything you need to easily take a sample. Simply swab your toilet paper after wiping.

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