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Simple at home stool sample swab from toilet roll.


Accredited laboratory genetic analysis, reporting on 30+ key health insights.

Bespoke diet guide and recipes based on your results, clinically proven to naturally rebalance the microbiome.


Stool Microbiome Test - YourGutMap

  • Description

    Your Microbiome your digestive system is home to trillions of bacteria, that make up your Microbiome.

    Modern diets, lifestyles, and medication can cause imbalances in the microbiome – which are linked to chronic inflammation and metabolic dysfunction – key influences of many health problems.

    Your Test a simple at home stool swab is sent to our Lab for analysis. Through a mRNA genetic sequencing test, YourGutMap identifies microbiome imbalances.

    Your AI Powered Health Report provides detailed insights into how your personal microbiome profile could be affecting your health, giving insights to 30+ health conditions.

    Your Personal Diet Guide all foods and drinks have different qualities that effect your microbiome (good and bad). Your Personal Diet Guide allows you to naturally rebalance and optimise your microbiome by making simple adjustments to your diet, based on analysis of 300+ foods and drinks.


    Free shipping of your test kit.

    Free shipping of your sample to the lab.

    Secure log in to view and download results.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How long will it take for my order to arrive?

    All products are shipped within 1 working day, Royal Mail 1st Class.

    Are the tests reliable?

    Yes, samples are analysed in an ISO 17025 certified laboratory using gold standard genetic technology.

    Is taking the sample difficult?

    Your test kit includes detailed instructions, and everything you need to easily take a sample. Simply swab your toilet paper after wiping.

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