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Private Fermentation Coaching for Health

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Fermentation workshops for chefs
Fermentation Workshop

It's one of those things... you stumble onto something almost by design (especially when you think it's accidental).


And so it was with my first lot of kefir grains. I can't even remember how I came about a handful of milk kefir grains in a little jar that I carelessly shoved to the back of my fridge and "rediscovered" a couple of weeks later. I stared bemused at the lumpy cheesy coagulation and was on the verge of throwing it out when my inner frugal stopped me. "Waste not, want not" it whispered. So, and because it so happened I had an extra bottle of raw milk languishing in the fridge, I fed the lumpy cheesy glob.


Next thing I know I am fully involved in glorious fermentation of all sorts, sourdoughing, pickling, preserving and Sandor Katz'ing at every opportunity! I blame my eager other half who gave me one of Sandor's hugely inspirational tomes as a Christmas present. Yeah, I know... other girls get diamonds, I get bubbles! And you know what? I love every one of them!

I have the unique pleasure of supporting two very worthy local causes: the building of a straw-bale eco house on Tablehurst Farm and the Young Farmer Apprentice Scheme at Plaw Hatch Farm.


Both projects deserve all our support, because good quality food, sustainably and honestly produced with respect for the animals, plants and Mother Nature is not easy to find. Our biodynamic farmers need continuous help and by booking one of my fermentation workshops you can do that, whilst learning wonderful skills to improve your health and well being.


All proceeds from the workshops I run from Tablehurst and Plaw Hatch go towards the causes above. To date, with your help, via the workshops alone, we have raised over £2,000 (in less than a year) towards the straw-bale eco house. The total raised to date via the community exceeds £70K and we need £100K to build the farmhouse. Local architects, builders and other professionals have also donated their skills and expertise towards this cause.

The Young Farmer Apprentice Scheme, being run from Plaw Hatch Farm, supports a young farmer through their studies and training at Plaw Hatch. This is a new initiative and we have already raised over £600 towards our goal of £10,000.

I would be delighted to see you at one of my workshops in support of the above causes.

Keep in touch for more information and progress of the fundraising work.

Some of the things I love and do...

I am a GAPS™ qualified Practitioner fully utilising Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride's gut rehabilitation programme aimed at ADHD, ADD, IBS, gut dysbiosis, skin issues and a host of other health problems associated with your intestinal health and microbe balance.

As a certified CEASE Practitioner, I use homeopathics, orthomolecular and nutritional interventions to support and rehabilitate children and adults who present with autism spectrum disorders, side effects of medications and vaccine damage consequences.

Biodynamic agriculture is truly our future. It can reverse the damage done to the land by intensive farming and spraying of toxic chemicals. It is elegant, respects Mother Nature and promotes resilience, independence and diversity. I am one of the Directors and shareholders of the Community Cooperative which owns Tablehurst and Plaw Hatch Biodynamic Farms. 

Weston A Price was as much a pioneer of health as his contemporary, Rudolph Steiner, the father of Biodynamics, was. His understanding of how appropriate nutrition affects dental and general health was and still is revolutionary and unsurpassed.