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Functional Solutions for Medication & Vaccine Consequences

CEASE is a specific protocol which combines homeopathic medicine, orthomolecular supplements and naturopathic interventions in order to address health and behavioural issues in children and adults, taking into account all causative factors which may have contributed to the autism spectrum expression, such as diet, medications including vaccinations, exposure to environmental toxins, effects of illness, potential family history and genetic burden, etc.


  • Homeopathic Isopathy

  • Orthomoleculars

  • Naturopathic components

  • Constitutional Homeopathy

Dr Tinus Smits, the founder of CEASE, having seen over 300 cases of all levels of severity, concluded that CEASE is “a very effective way to address ASD and autism with amazing results.” In his clinical experience, autism is an accumulation of different causes with about 70% due to vaccines, 25% due to medication and other toxic substances and 5% due to certain diseases.