Fermenting Germ Welfare!

You know the old saying "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach."

Well, if progressive scientific discoveries are to be believed, the way to everyone's heart, brain, moods and total ecosystem is through our stomach - and specifically our gut.

The trillions of friendly (and not so friendly) germs in your tummy are the reason you are happy, sad, you can think clearly or have a fuzzy head, if you are anxious, fatigued or can't sleep.


So, how about you engage in germ welfare instead of germ warfare?

Rediscover the ancient art and science of fermentation and why it's vital for your

 physical, emotional and mental taste buds. 

Find out how to apply the art of fermenting in your whole life: your daily routines, your decision making, your meditations, your business, your love life even!


Fun, practical, life changing coaching sessions, workshops, masterclasses and private consultations:Help with aches, pains, toxins & lifestyle

Get a handle on moods, sleep and behavioural challenges

Improve decision-making

Fermentation Workshops and Masterclasses

Bespoke Coaching for Health Professionals

and much more.


Good Gut & Mind

Private Masterclasses and Mentorship:

Did you know that fermenting great food and fermenting successful ideas both adhere to the same principles?

Learn how to take your nutrition or your health practice to the next level. Book a private session to discover how you can do this from Elle, the "Queen of Ferments".


A series of yummy fizzy bubbly workshops in the beautiful setting of the best biodynamic community farms on Earth in the leafy village of Forest Row, East Sussex - Winnie the Pooh Country! Find out more about our fundraising work and support us.

Tailored tutorship for natural therapy and other health professionals who want to take their practice to the next level.
Food Styling on Plate

"If you thought you knew about healthy eating and lifestyle, wait until you experience Elle's
Bubbling Life!"

Maria SM, Surrey